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Title : 21G.704 Spanish IV (MIT)

Description : Course Sequences Spanish IV aims at developing and improving student's oral and written communication through the continued study of the language, literature and culture of Spain, Latin America and Hispanic communities in the United States. It also seeks to improve students' ability to read and appreciate literary and non-literary texts in Spanish, deepening this way students' awareness and understanding of the cultural diversity of the Spanish-speaking world. The course is organized by themes based on contemporary social, political and cultural issues of Spanish-speaking societies such as: cultural identity, the changing roles of women and family, economic development and its effects on cultural heritage and environment, and the individual's rights in the political system.

Fromsemester : Spring

Fromyear : 2005

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Date : 2005-10-19T03:20:25+05:00

Relation : 21G.704

Language : en-US

Subject : spanish

Subject : foreign language

Subject : conversation

Subject : writing

Subject : literature

Subject : culture

Subject : history

Subject : society

Subject : hispanic

Subject : latin america

Subject : western europe

Subject : spain

Subject : central america

Subject : south america

Subject : identity

Subject : politics

Subject : family

Subject : economy

Subject : tradition

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