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Description : IN718 is a nickel-based superalloy composed of approximately 53 wt% Ni, 19 wt% Fe, 18 wt% Cr, 5 wt% Nb, and small amounts of Ti, Mo, Co, and Al. The alloy has a number of distinct phases present in its microstructure. These are namely the matrix, γ, and the precipitates, γ', γ'', and δ. The primary strengthening phase is γ'' [1], the composition of which is Ni3Nb. It has a body-centred tetragonal structure, and forms semi-coherently as disc-shaped platelets within the γ matrix, having three variants lying on the {100} planes. It is stable for over 10,000 hours at 600°C; however, above this temperature it decomposes to form γ', Ni3Al (between 650°C and 850°C), and δ, the same composition as γ'' (between 750°C and 1000°C). It has been commented that, at large volum

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