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Title : A medium carbon low alloyed structural steel

Description : The steel sample was etched in 4% picral solution first and revealed the presence of pearlite and carbides distinctly. Further tint etching in SMB resulted in the straw coloured martensite to appear as a band. Retained austenite is appearing as very fine white particles. The bainite is appearing as bluish-black background between the martensite constituents. Coarse dark grains are pearlite. Microhardness measurements and SEM studies further proved the constituents identity. Conventional nital etching is not successful in delineating all the micro-constituents so distinctly.

Date : 2009-08-21T01:50:21+01:00

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Publisher : Core-Materials

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Subject : steel

Subject : retained austenite

Subject : low alloyed steel

Subject : structural steel

Subject : corematerials

Subject : ukoer