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Title : Austenitic stainless steel

Description : This is a transmission electron micrograph taken at 200 kV, from a thin foil sample of "302AA" austenitic stainless steel. The sample was cold-deformed by rolling and then annealed at 704 °C for one hour. The image shows recrystallised grains which which show uniform contrast because they are relatively free of dislocations, surrounded by a deformed matrix which has a high dislocation density. The recrystallised grain contains annealing twins (parallel bands with different contrast. The steps at the top left-hand corner are simply steps in annealing twin boundaries.Source:

Date : 2009-08-21T01:50:21+01:00

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Publisher : Core-Materials

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Subject : alloy

Subject : annealing twins

Subject : austenite

Subject : carbon

Subject : dislocation

Subject : grain

Subject : iron

Subject : metal

Subject : recrystallisation

Subject : stainless steel

Subject : steel

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