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Title : ESD.04J Frameworks and Models in Engineering Systems / Engineering System Design (MIT)

Description : This class provides an introduction to quantitative models and qualitative frameworks for studying complex engineering systems. Also taught is the art of abstracting a complex system into a model for purposes of analysis and design while dealing with complexity, emergent behavior, stochasticity, non-linearities and the requirements of many stakeholders with divergent objectives. The successful completion of the class requires a semester-long class project that deals with critical contemporary issues which require an integrative, interdisciplinary approach using the above models and frameworks.

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Date : 2008-05-15T13:22:11+05:00

Relation : ESD.04J

Relation : 1.041J

Relation : ESD.01J

Language : en-US

Subject : frameworks and models in engineering systems

Subject : quantitative models

Subject : qualitative frameworks

Subject : complex engineering systems

Subject : analysis and design

Subject : emergent behavior

Subject : stochasticity

Subject : non-linearities

Subject : architectural system configuration

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