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Title : 1.017 Computing and Data Analysis for Environmental Applications (MIT)

Description : This subject is a computer-oriented introduction to probability and data analysis. It is designed to give students the knowledge and practical experience they need to interpret lab and field data. Basic probability concepts are introduced at the outset because they provide a systematic way to describe uncertainty. They form the basis for the analysis of quantitative data in science and engineering. The MATLAB® programming language is used to perform virtual experiments and to analyze real-world data sets, many downloaded from the web. Programming applications include display and assessment of data sets, investigation of hypotheses, and identification of possible casual relationships between variables. This is the first semester that two courses, Computing and Data Analysis for Environm

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Date : 2004-03-30T03:20:42+05:00

Relation : 1.017

Relation : 1.010

Language : en-US

Subject : probability

Subject : statistics

Subject : events

Subject : random variables

Subject : univariate distributions

Subject : multivariate distributions

Subject : uncertainty propagation

Subject : Bernoulli trials

Subject : Poisson processed

Subject : conditional probability

Subject : Bayes rule

Subject : random sampling

Subject : point estimation

Subject : interval estimation

Subject : hypothesis testing

Subject : analysis of variance

Subject : linear regression

Subject : computational analysis

Subject : data analysis

Subject : environmental engineering

Subject : applications

Subject : MATLAB

Subject : numerical modeling

Subject : probabilistic concepts

Subject : statistical methods

Subject : field data

Subject : laboratory data

Subject : numerical techniques

Subject : Monte Carlo simulation

Subject : variability

Subject : sampling

Subject : data sets

Subject : computer

Subject : uncertainty

Subject : interpretation

Subject : quantitative data

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