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Title : 6.152J Micro/Nano Processing Technology (MIT)

Description : This course introduces the theory and technology of micro/nano fabrication. Lectures and laboratory sessions focus on basic processing techniques such as diffusion, oxidation, photolithography, chemical vapor deposition, and more. Through team lab assignments, students are expected to gain an understanding of these processing techniques, and how they are applied in concert to device fabrication. Students enrolled in this course have a unique opportunity to fashion and test micro/nano-devices, using modern techniques and technology.

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Date : 2006-04-27T16:30:11+05:00

Relation : 6.152J

Relation : 3.155J

Language : en-US

Subject : microelectronics

Subject : Microelectronics processing

Subject : integrated circuits

Subject : vacuum

Subject : chemical vapor deposition

Subject : CVD

Subject : oxidation

Subject : diffusion

Subject : implantation

Subject : lithography

Subject : soft lithography

Subject : etching

Subject : sputtering

Subject : evaporation

Subject : interconnect

Subject : metallization

Subject : crystal growth

Subject : reliability

Subject : fabrication

Subject : processing

Subject : photolithography

Subject : physical vapor deposition

Subject : MOS

Subject : MOS capacitor

Subject : microcantilever

Subject : microfluidic.

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