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Title : 6.341 Discrete-Time Signal Processing (MIT)

Description : This class addresses the representation, analysis, and design of discrete time signals and systems. The major concepts covered include: Discrete-time processing of continuous-time signals; decimation, interpolation, and sampling rate conversion; flowgraph structures for DT systems; time-and frequency-domain design techniques for recursive (IIR) and non-recursive (FIR) filters; linear prediction; discrete Fourier transform, FFT algorithm; short-time Fourier analysis and filter banks; multirate techniques; Hilbert transforms; Cepstral analysis and various applications. Acknowledgements I would like to express my thanks to Thomas Baran, Myung Jin Choi, and Xiaomeng Shi for compiling the lecture notes on this site from my individual lectures and handouts and their class notes during the semes

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Date : 2006-11-06T15:58:36+05:00

Relation : 6.341

Language : en-US

Subject : discrete time signals and systems

Subject : discrete-time processing of continuous-time signals

Subject : decimation

Subject : interpolation

Subject : sampling rate conversion

Subject : Flowgraph structures

Subject : time- and frequency-domain design techniques for recursive (IIR) and non-recursive (FIR) filters

Subject : linear prediction

Subject : Discrete Fourier transform

Subject : FFT algorithm

Subject : Short-time Fourier analysis and filter banks

Subject : Multirate techniques

Subject : Hilbert transforms

Subject : Cepstral analysis

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