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21L.005 Introduction to Drama (MIT)


This course is a study of the history of theater art and practice from its origins to the modern period, including its roles in non-western cultures. Special attention is given to the relationship between the literary and performative dimensions of drama, and the relationship between drama and its cultural context.


drama | Brecht | modern theatre | Octoroon | Elam | Cixous | Hroswitha | Boucicault | Trifles | Aristotle | Poetics | Sophocles | Oedipus | Euripides | Medea | Dulcitius | York Crucifixion | Kan'ami | Matsukaze | Japan | Zeami | Calderon | Life is a Dream | A Doll's House | Modern Europe | Churchill | Cloud Nine | Street Scene | Treadwell | Machinal | Fires in the Mirror | Anna Deavere Smith | Gao | The Other Shore | realism | semiotics | Western Origins | England | America | performance art | China


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