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Postcard, black and white, of two young children. One child is sitting in a wooden high chair dressed in a dress with lacy collar. Young girl standing with hand on tray of high chair, dressed in bonnet, shawl, and striped dress. Regional Faces of the First World War. The photograph is from an album relating to the men, women and children from Tyne and Wear who lived, worked or fought during the First World War. Accompanying this photo is the biographical and supporting information that we have about them, but the full story is not always known. Our collections records are not very detailed in some cases. We need your help to fill in the blanks. Do you have any information to add to what is already here? A name? A location? What more can you find out and tell us about their life? If you have some extra information about this photograph, please add your comments, information and any links, images or text. Part of the ?Wor Life? project. To find out more please visit


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