RSS Feed for 2001 census RSS Feed for 2001 census Output Areas for the 2001 Census This resource introduces you to the 2001 Census Output Areas The unit discusses the issues involved in designing a census principles of automated zone design and the characteristics of 2001 census output areas A \"Quick\" Introduction to the Census After you ve finished this unit you should be able to outline the nature and contents of the 2001 and 1991 Census discuss some potential uses of Census data consider the limitations of Census data when doing research undertake a simple practical analysis of Census data relating to mode of travel to work and or household characteristics e g occupations and ethnicity Accessing Census Data Using Casweb The aim of this unit is to develop your understanding of the methods of extracting 2001 Census data from Casweb and Neighbourhood Statistics Census 2001: The Enumeration Process An introduction to the enumeration process in the 2001 Census This unit outlines how the enumeration field force was organised and summarise the difficulties in enumeration and how they were handled Census analysis and GIS- unit 2 Unit 2 of the Census analysis and GIS module deals with the Census data system procedures outputs and geography The unit looks at how data is generated from the census focusing particularly on the census area statistics Compares area statistics produced from the 1991 and 2001 censuses There is also a section dealing with the geographies used in the main census outputs The unit includes a bibliography of books and articles a practical exercise and a study guide on completing a project