RSS Feed for similar_to_150056579292_bubblyness_avesize RSS Feed for similar_to_150056579292_bubblyness_avesize Image from ‘Du Niger au golfe de Guinée, par le pays de Kong et le Mossi … 1887-1889. Ouvrage contenant une carte … et cent-soixante-seize gravures sur bois, etc’, 000353244 Image from Du Niger au golfe de Guine e par le pays de Kong et le Mossi 1887 1889 Ouvrage contenant une carte et cent soixante seize gravures sur bois etc 000353244 Author BINGER Louis Gustave Volume 01 Page 59 Year 1892 Place Paris Publisher View this image on Flickr View all the images from this book Following the link above will take you to the British Library s integrated catalogue You will be able to download a PDF of the book this image is taken from as well as view the pages up close with the itemViewer Click on the related items to search for the electronic version of this work