RSS Feed for first year engineering RSS Feed for first year engineering Introduction to modelling for 1st year engineers These resources cover an introduction to modelling for first year engineering undergraduate The main focus is on electrical and mechanical systems but there is also some discussion of dc motors fluids and heat as well as an introduction to time series modelling The main emphasis is on why modelling is important and how to go about doing this from first principles e g Kirchhoff s laws Newton s Laws etc Given the focus is on new students arriving at University there is no attempt to develop models beyond second order The resources here include the lecture hand out pdf which includes embedded tutorial questions some powerpoints for structuring lectures flash animations to step through modelling process for electrical circuits and a large data base of CAA developed on webct Using MATLAB for engineers Introductory course on learning and using MATLAB aimed at 1st year engineering undergraduate These were developed at the University of Sheffield and authored by J A Rossiter from The Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering The files include a slightly animated power point slide runs via web which includes audio Hence a little like a lecture The source m files mentioned are also supplied in the zip files mentioned These m files cover a group of topics Read the instruction file to learn how to make lectures available to students More information for control with MATLAB is stored under the control contribution by same author and on the website http controleducation group shef ac uk acs211 notes webct quizzes acs211 htm